Green policies for London 2016: the power of good ideas

A real plan for housing

A real plan for new homes

Building an alternative to the big developers

Fair fares

Fair fares for all

Fewer zones, flat fares by 2025, and pay once to get to your destination

No more delays on clean air

No more delays on clean air

Who can you trust to take care of this deadly problem?


London Renters Union

A London Renters Union

Helping private renters help themselves

A green energy company to power Crossrail

Green energy for Crossrail

An energy company for London to power our future needs

No more estate demolitions

Stop estate demolitions

Keeping communities and the council homes we have intact

Power of Good Ideas

A Bank for London

To champion small businesses and build a stronger local economy

Save our arts and music venues

Saving arts venues

Protection from predatory developers

Halt the privatisation of public space

Keep public space public

Stop our public squares and spaces being run by corporate rules

Effective ways to bring communities together

Londoners together

More effective ways to counter extremism

Close City Airport

Close City Airport

Turn it into a new quarter for homes and businesses

A student living rent

A student living rent

Helping young people afford to live and study in London

There is no better place to start changing the world than London.

London has an unmatched capacity for change and invention. It’s home to eight million people, and awash with ideas and energy. The challenges are huge, but if we get it right in London, we can get it right everywhere else.

The Green Party’s policies for London put fairness at the heart of all our policies, making our economy work for all Londoners, tackling London’s housing crisis, giving tenants more protection, and setting an environmental example to the world by cleaning up our air, enhancing green spaces, recycling more waste, and reducing our impact on climate change.

We will make our city more liveable by reducing traffic, improving public transport, and making streets pleasant for walking and cycling. We will restore trust in the police by getting officers away from their desks and onto the streets, and work to protect London’s health services from privatisation and cuts.

Above all, we will make sure City Hall listens to Londoners – and acts on what they say.

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