Statement from Green AMs after London Bridge attack

Caroline Russell AM and I have made the following joint statement this morning on the attack in London Bridge. We hope you are all safe and taking care after the events last night.

“It is horrible and evil that people in our city are being targeted where they are enjoying life and going out to see their friends. All our thoughts are with people getting the news they have lost loved ones and what they must be going through.

“No city can ever make people perfectly safe, but the response of the police and special units was so quick and the NHS and ambulance staff – going into what was still very dangerous territory with gunfire and ongoing threats – were absolutely heroic. We are very proud of London and the calmness with which people reacted to this horror.

“The police advice in these incidents to run, hide and tell by calling 999 must sadly be borne in mind by all of us as we go on with our lives as normal and continue to live as proud Londoners.

“This is a fantastic city, and the strength of character of Londoners was shown again last night. It has been shown time and time again when London has been attacked by terrorists and we will never lose our values of openness and compassion because of attacks like this.”