Our Green Guarantee to Britain

On Monday I chaired the launch of our Green Guarantee – what Greens in Parliament will fight for.

With candidates from across the country, we put forward our proposals for a confident and caring country, hosted in London by Wayra, who have supported 160 new business start ups, demonstrating the kind of leadership we need in these uncertain times.

Co-leaders Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley presented our policies to the press. Caroline said:

“This election is about our country. It’s about the future we choose for our children. It’s about prorecting our values of openness, compassion and co-operation. The Green Guarantee is our promise that a confident and caring future is possble if we work together, do politics differently and ate to be different. It says: we are ready – and I hope you will join us by voting Green on June the 8th.”

What the Green Guarantee says:

Imagine a government that trusts in our common humanity and our capacity to govern ourselves. Imagine a government that believes that the best way forward is by working with each other, rather than against each other.

Imagine a government that prioritises the rights of citizens and the environment over those of corporations.

Imagine a government that gives everyone a chance and leaves nobody behind in a confident and caring Britain. That’s the kind of government Greens would work for.

What Green MPs in Parliament will do:

  • We will campaign for your right to vote on the final terms of the Brexit deal, including an option to stay in the EU.
  • We will push for genuinely affordable, warm homes for everyone and a public health system free for all.
  • We will fight for equality, and for a society where nobody is left behind.
  • We will always act strongly on climate change and to protect the natural world we love.

We will stand up for what matters. This is our Green Guarantee to you.

Caroline Lucas speaking at the Green Guarantee launch - photo from Splento