Mayor finally listens to make clean air protection London-wide

At last we have voted in the Assembly to confirm the London-wide expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) from August 2023.

Greens on the London Assembly have called for the Ultra Low Emission Zone to be London wide since at least 2016!

From the start, with my Green colleagues, I have said that only a London-wide clean air zone will properly protect all Londoners. I was disappointed when this was not taken up by the Mayor when he first had the chance, and that his later expansion plans stopped short at the north and south circular roads.

Crucially now, this announcement includes a more generous scrappage scheme, and more exemptions to help disabled Londoners who are dependent on cars to get around, but these measures should also be extended further.

As a Green AM, I have campaigned for years to ensure that scrappage is more than just replacing cars, but also about helping Londoners access public transport, so the incentives to take up season tickets alongside scrappage today are also very welcome.