A message from me on an exciting and rewarding campaign

A short message from me at the end of a rewarding and exciting three months of campaigning to be the Green candidate for Mayor and on the London Assembly list in 2016.

I’ve enjoyed so much the past three months working and debating with a fantastic set of ‘rival’ candidates and meeting a vast range of campaigners, groups and citizens working to make a better London.

The list includes renters, communities fighting for more social housing, people defending their estates from developers, policing campaigners, human rights campaigners, housing and public space researchers, small business representatives, youth workers and students, people trying to stop violence against women, cyclists, taxi drivers, communities measuring and taking action on air pollution, and people trying to stop new roads and challenge the waste of transport money on a pointless garden bridge, among many others.

I was also proud to stand alongside Sisters Uncut and Take Back the City at Compass’s event at the Roundhouse last week and talk about dealing with our city’s problems by creating a new vision for the city ourselves. The night was empowering and exciting for everyone there

You can watch my speech below, and see the whole evening, which I highly recommend, here.

Thanks for all the support I’ve received, and I’m looking forward to a truly exciting campaign to come – in whatever capacity!

Find out more about the deadline and how to vote, if you haven’t yet, here: http://www.sianberry.london/your-vote/