The campaign for more Green AMs and a Green Mayor in 2020 starts now

Nominations are open to be our Green Party candidates for Mayor and Assembly in 2020, and I’m hoping London Greens will back me to re-stand for both jobs in 2020.

We need the biggest, boldest Green campaign ever across London, so if you’re a Green member in London please also think about standing for your constituency and as a Party Vote AM – nominations for the party list close on 27 December.

Londoners are more than ready for more Green Assembly Members and a Green Mayor to sort out transport, housing, policing and pollution, and take the radical, common sense action needed for a zero carbon city.

And, as we have seen across Europe, Greens are winning major support for sticking to our principles, standing up for free movement, and firm against the racist far right. Our values are London’s values.

‪My goals for this campaign are to thrash my previous record standing for Mayor, keep working with the brilliant Caroline Russell on the Assembly, and win more fabulous Green colleagues too.

‪I’m proud of our record – in our first year we got such a lot done, and since then we have helped to win £45 million in new youth funding, a new policy for estate ballots, held the Mayor to account on cycling and housing delivery, and pushed him hard on green energy and civil liberties.

All this shows Greens are the best opposition in City Hall getting more done than the other opposition parties, pushing the Mayor harder to fulfill his promises, as well as getting him to do things – like taking up a public health approach to violence – that were’t in his manifesto in 2016 at all.

‪More soon, but I hope London Greens will back me to stand again, and Caroline too. Our work so far has achieved a lot, and I know that in 2020 we can win more Greens to make a real difference to policies that affect people’s daily lives, improve the Mayor’s plans (ideally by being Mayor myself) and get the Green influence in City Hall that Londoners really need right now.