“We’re leading the conversation in this election” – my comments on BBC This Week

See my arguments on BBC’s This Week for why parties should be working together to change the voting system and stop the Tories getting the massive majority they want.

To get this right we need all parties to be willing to work together as well as voters thinking tactically about where they can make a difference. It’s a genuinely exciting idea and other parties – not just Greens – should look at where they can help create meaningful alliances.

For example, yesterday’s results on the Isle of Wight show the Greens making a breakthrough on the council. Vote share on the island shows that if the other progressive parties stepped down in favour of Green candidate Vix Lowthion we could get more than 50 per cent and stop the Tories.

Labour and the Lib Dems should look at where we’ve helped them already, and help make this alliance more than just one way.