Our best ever Green campaign in London for 2020


Greens have a huge reputation in London for strong opposition, good ideas and getting things done, no matter who is the Mayor. We've been elected to the London Assembly since it was first created in 2000, and we have steadily built up our vote in the election for Mayor too.

I've played my part in our success story.

I have stood for Mayor and Assembly twice so far, in 2008 and 2016, winning a record Green vote and vote share in every election that I have been our candidate for Mayor. In 2016 we did better than ever. I won third place for the second time - and our deposit for the first time, with the highest number of second preference votes of any candidate.

On the same day I was also elected to the Assembly at the top of our Londonwide list, with Caroline Russell. There I have worked hard to get Sadiq Khan to bring in policies from our manifesto, changing his mind and his policies most significantly on ballots for estate residents and funding for youth services.

Now, residents on big estates facing demolition have a binding ballot and a final say on what happens to their homes, while the new £45 million Young Londoners Fund is already being spent on youth services and projects, making up at least partly for the huge cuts I've exposed in my work.

Working in an effective team with Caroline, I have also challenged the Mayor when he's failed on housing delivery, civil liberties and rent controls, while Caroline has pushed him to agree to look again at his climate targets, do more to help underpaid workers in the night time economy, and exposed his failures on cycling infrastructure and green energy.

We've done this by listening to forgotten Londoners, working with grassroots groups and local campaigns and persuading the other parties to vote for our motions and look at our issues on the cross-party committees we sit on, including the Housing and Environment Committees that we chair.

With over a year until the next election, I know we can get the Mayor to take up more of our good ideas and also challenge him hard when he fails.

The Green Party is now selecting its candidates for the next election in 2020, and I hope you will support me to be number 1 on our list of Assembly candidates again and our candidate for Mayor.

We achieved a record result with me as our candidate last time, and now I have years of experience working on London policies and scrutinising all aspects of City Hall's work at close quarters.

A recent Mayoral poll, naming me as our likely candidate, put me solidly in third place and with a higher vote than last time. This shows the impact we are having and, if you select me to stand for Mayor again, we already have a head start.

Please read my full election statements linked below, see the latest news from my work here, and get in touch if you have any questions.

I hope to see you at the hustings too - for London Green Party these will be held on 19 January 2019 at Balham Baptist Church, 21 Ransden Road, SW12 - event details here, and I'll post details of other meetings here too.

Thank you for your support, and here's to even bigger Green success in 2020!


The power of good ideas: our 2016 campaign

Thank you for voting for me and the Greens in the 2016 London Election!

I was third in the race for Mayor, with a record vote for a Green candidate, and was elected to the London Assembly alongside my brilliant colleague Caroline Russell AM.

Find out more about the good ideas for London we put forward in our campaign here.

This website is where you can read about my latest news and campaigns. And if you want to support my work and hear more from me and London Green Party sign up here.