Londoners suffer from lack of lorry targets from the Mayor

The Mayor’s plans to reduce traffic in London will in fact increase lorry and van traffic outside the centre, new figures I revealed today. show

Despite publishing a strategy aiming to reduce car traffic by 27 per cent by 2030, figures show that the Mayor’s policies lead to an increase in lorry and van traffic for much of London, with his targets only seeking to cut the volume of these vehicles in central areas.

Eleven boroughs will face an increase lorry traffic, and 17 (more than half) will suffer from increased van traffic.*

Schematic map showing lorry traffic changes by borough from 2020-2030 - The full data with borough breakdowns is in a table on this webpage:

I tackled the Mayor today about his lack of lorry and van reduction targets in Mayor’s Question Time, saying to: “This is surely something you’d consider further discussion about fixing. This seems like a gap.”

The Mayor has set climate targets and car traffic reduction targets, but all he is doing with van and lorry traffic is moving it around the city.

Londoners deserve strong targets and clear polices to reduce the impact of vans and HGVs in every borough.

I am particularly worried about big increases in boroughs like Enfield, Tower Hamlets, Newham and Havering, where we know that heavy traffic is already a concern.

Watch my questions here – and I’ll be following up fiercely in the new year!

*Statistics derived from the answer I received to MQ 2022/3939