The Trump era is ending at last

I am sending my huge congratulations and respect to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and their teams on their success in defeating the most terrifying president the USA has had in my lifetime.

On twitter I said: “And good riddance, Trump you racist, sexist, tyrannical nightmare. To a better world ahead!”

It’s a fair comment, and I feel a massive relief soon not to be living under the shadow of what Mr Trump might do next. I can’t even imagine the pervasive fear and stress experienced every day by citizens of colour, women, LGBTIQA+ people and migrants in the USA over the past four years while their elected president, with all the resources of the state behind him, deliberately and cruelly stoked horrible levels of hate and division.

Lies and misinformation have also characterised the Trump presidency and, in the past week, we have seen he will not hold back from using these to threaten democracy itself.

I have been very cheered to see the media in America, faced with this barrage of lies, at last stand up and call it out, and to see social media put in place sensible policies to mark his blatant propaganda efforts as the danger they were.

It does make me wonder why these measures to enforce nothing more than truth could not have been employed much earlier – in particular in respect of dangerous public health misinformation and conspiracies relating to coronavirus.

More formally, the Green Party has also welcomed the projected results of the election and the prospect of new policies that could make a difference in the most critical challenge the world faces: the climate emergency.

My co-leader Jonathan Bartley’s statement yesterday said:

“Greens congratulate Joe Biden and welcome commitment to immediate climate action Responding to the victory of Joe Biden in the US Presidential elections. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris should be congratulated for their historic result in the electoral college, securing more votes than any presidential candidate in US history. We’re delighted that their success also means the first female Vice President of the USA.

“The intensity with which the vote count has been followed this week is a reminder of how much the world depends on stable American governance and a reliable leader. We welcome Joe Biden’s commitment to immediately sign the Paris Climate Agreement. The world is counting on him to urgently pivot the USA to a trajectory of net-zero carbon emissions and ecological sustainability.”

As we look forward together to a new beginning for the world, the Green movement is at the heart of fighting for a future that is equal and united, and democratic. So please join us today – if not now, when?