Thank you! Highgate votes Green again

Residents have re-elected me in Highgate but a fair voting system would see seven Greens representing people in Camden and holding Labour to account.

A huge thank you to Highgate residents for again voting for a Green Councillor to represent you. In the election I topped the poll with an increased majority in the election in May. Campaigners John Holmes and Kirsten de Keyser narrowly missed out.

I am looking forward to four more years working on local issues and supporting residents who need help or when the council lets them down. She will also be active in holding Camden to account on borough-wide issues like air pollution, housing and council development plans, repairs and fire safety, green spaces, pesticides and climate change.

Green candidates in Camden won an average of 12 per cent of the vote, showing that residents want Green ideas and a strong Green voice holding Labour to account. We thank everyone who voted Green this year for putting their faith in us. I will work hard all year round to make sure our collective voice is as loud as possible.

Residents will have a real champion bringing their voice into the council chamber, and Greens across Camden will continue to campaign on the ground on the issues that matter to you.

Fair votes needed for council elections:

Yet again, our unfair first-past-the-post election system means Camden voters don’t have the councillors they voted for. A majority of residents didn’t vote for Labour, but they control the council again with even more power. Greens campaign hard for proportional voting for Parliament and for local councils.

What fair votes would mean in Camden