The best ever bus stops

Today I have unveiled plans for a vastly improved new bus stop design for London’s streets.  

If I’m elected as the first Green Mayor, a comprehensive new design, which I will commission, will be used for all new and replacement Transport for London bus shelters. 

Our proposals will give Londoners who rely on buses:

  • Real-time bus arrival time and air pollution information
  • Proper, comfortable seating, with arms to help older and disabled people stand up
  • Ringfenced advertising space for local small businesses and services
  • Solar generating glazing to cut carbon
  • Attractive, bee-friendly planting on the shelter rooftop, alongside further solar power generation
  • New pedestrian crossings in the right place for every main road bus stop

My proposal for a new standard bus shelter responds to problems raised by Londoners with current transport infrastructure.

Problems I’m fixing include badly designed, uncomfortable seating (sometimes designed deliberately that way as part of hostile design policies towards homeless people), and the lack of safe crossings on main roads that help people reach bus stops.

Bus stop seating Image by One World Design Architects for London Green Party CC-BY

And we’ll also halt the removal by TfL of many ‘countdown’ boards showing when the next buses will arrive and add new information about current air pollution levels. 

The bus stop also adds brand new improvements, such as green, bee-friendly roofs, which have been successfully pioneered on over 300 bus stops in Utrecht, Netherlands

Whenever I talk to people about bus stops, in my work as a local Councillor or Assembly Member, it becomes more and more clear that they simply aren’t good enough for the older people and outer Londoners who rely most upon them. 

With a Green Mayor, London will have the best bus stops in the world.

Bee friendly bus stop roof Image by One World Design Architects for London Green Party CC-BY
Information on new bus stops  Image by One World Design Architects for London Green Party CC-BY

A big thank you to One World Design Architects for the illustrations, created for London Green Party – they are free to use with this attribution, license CC-BY.