Met Commissioner is irresponsible with his ‘have a go’ advice

I don’t think the suggestion that the public ‘get stuck in’ when confronted by attackers with weapons is responsible at all.

However, on Thursday morning on LBC, the Met Police Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe urged Londoners to do just that. Later that day I told ITV that people are better off helping themselves and others to get away from danger.

Run, Hide, Tell adviceLondoners should look at this official advice from the National Police Chiefs’ Council. This recommends people to ‘Run, Hide, Tell’, moving yourself and others away from attackers and to somewhere safer while calling in the emergency services.

Police officers have the training to defuse and disarm attackers and it is vital Londoners remember the most important thing is to get away from harm. We all have a part to play in making London a safe city but the best way of doing that is by calling in the professionals if you notice anything suspicious or witness a crime.