Fair fares for London – how much will you save?

Sian Berry with commuters in Croydon

At stations across London, hard-pressed commuters are backing my plan to flatten the fare zones and let everyone change between buses, trains and tubes without paying extra.

My fair fares plan will give a better deal for Londoners across our city, helping people on low pay and part-time workers as well as everyone in outer London.

What will you save? Start here:

SIan Berry signatureThe Green Party's 2025 zone map


  • One fare zone for London: we will reduce the zones down to four from next year, and flatten them by 2025 so everyone pays the same wherever you live, saving people up to £3,000 by 2020.
  • A new ‘ONE Ticket’: you will pay to get to where you are going, not for each stage of the journey, and can change between any buses, trains, trams and tubes along the way.
  • Justice for part-timers: with a lower rate for daily pay-as-you-go caps to match the savings made on monthly travelcards.

East Croydon - Greens will save you £2,398 by 2020This is a costed plan: we would introduce charges for workplace parking, and replace the congestion charge with a fairer Londonwide charging scheme, helping to share the cost more equally between people in cars and people on trains and buses, and helping to make public transport the cheapest and easiest option for more journeys.

So, what savings will you make? Find out with the app above.