Regeneration in Camden – who is it helping?

Camden Council answered my Freedom of Information request on their regeneration projects after six months, so here’s the results of the analysis I’ve done with local campaigners – the CIP Challenge Project:

We’ve found that, overall, Camden’s regeneration projects have nearly 1200 expensive private flats, 168 ‘affordable’ and only 278 net new council homes. That’s just 17% council homes.

There is lots that could be done better for housing in Camden, but we have also discovered that the council is only discussing future options in a secret working group.

It’s especially worrying that Camden is looking at a ‘strategic partnership’ with a big developer. This is very similar to the ‘Harginey Development Vehicle’ which has proved so controversial in our next door borough.

We are hoping our scrutiny can change that and persuade them to open up the process and make community-led plans instead.

Visit the site and see our full findings and what the council plans next

Our interactive map has the full data on each Community Investment Programme project so far in Camden – explore the ones near you, and come to the public meeting we’re holding soon (original plans in Town Hall now cancelled for purdah but look out for the new date!)
Infographic showing results of our investigation into Camden's CIP