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Are you a private renter in London? Do you think you pay too much rent? You're probably right!

London Green Party has compared rent rises since 2011 with how much wages have risen.

Do you want to know how much MORE rent you've paid to your landlords than if rents had kept pace with our ability to pay?

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Sian Berry London

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Sian Berry London

The total overpaid by London renters since is £ billion!

Incredible - the excess rent paid by London renters since 2012 is staggering total of £25.4 billion.

If we hadn't given it to our landlords, by now we could buy every house in Barking and Dagenham with this amount!

But don't just get angry about this - let's do something together.


Chart showing £25.4 billion in excess rent paid by Londoners since 2012, compared with if rent rises had matched wage increases

See the numbers behind the calculation here

Sian Berry London

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