Re-select me #1 for your Assembly team!

I’m Sian Berry, I’ve been your Green London Assembly member since 2016 and I’m ready for the next four years.

London Green Party members: please put me at the top of your choices for the Assembly when you vote for who you want to represent our party in City Hall.

Watch my official ballot video here:

I started out in politics over 20 years ago, nearly getting elected to Camden council in 2002 and then starting a campaign against urban 4x4s, which got a lot of sudden attention and won success influencing the policies of the Mayor.

As a result I was hunted out by GPEx to be Campaigns Coordinator, and then by Jenny Jones and Caroline Lucas to stand for Principal Speaker and Mayor of London. Up to now I’ve been elected three times to Camden Council, twice as co-leader and twice as a London Assembly Member.

I love this job, and I love who I get to do it with. And I am so proud of what Caroline, Zack and I have got done together so far on the Assembly to make London better. 

From the work I have focused on in City Hall we have won, together with Londoners, real changes in policy:

  • Ballots to give estate residents a proper say in their future.
  • Real cross-party support for rent controls, from a reluctant Mayor.
  • A London-wide clean air zone at long last.
  • Many more of the main roads the GLA controls are switching to a safer 20 mph. 
  • Tens of millions of pounds has been put back into London’s youth services.

This is award-winning work. And this year our voice on the Assembly, building cross-party consensus, was crucial in preventing drastic cuts to our vital buses.

Human rights are a bottom line for our team. And for many years we were the only group clearly saying that police had gone too far in stamping on our rights, while other parties shouted us down. We will always stand up for an inclusive London and bring grassroots voices into City Hall.

And we will always stand up and say so when the Mayor and Government fail us.

We need a bigger team in 2024. Because we’ve worked hard to build a reputation that gives us real influence. And with more members we can put more real power behind Green ideas.

I am proud of what we have achieved together. And I hope that you will continue to put me at the top of your choices to represent our party.

Thank you!
Sian Berry headshot - in front of buildings in London Bridge