Vote for Sian Berry to be the Green candidate for Mayor of London in 2020

Please re-select me to be your London Mayor candidate in 2020

I’m a Green councillor and a London Assembly Member and I’m asking for your first choice vote to be the Green Party candidate for London Mayor again.

I will build on our record-breaking campaign success in 2016, and help put together the most inspiring and effective Green campaign our city has seen.

Our Green policies and values have never been more relevant or needed

London is ready for a Green Mayor and we can do better than ever this time.

Elected Greens have been building serious credibility in London ever since we won our first Assembly Members in 2000, and I have played my part in that success story.

I stood for Mayor and Assembly in 2008 and 2016, winning record votes and vote shares both times, and the backing of campaigners on a wide range of issues.

Our campaign in 2016 was packed full of good ideas

These ideas came from Londoners: local campaigners fighting to save their estates and stop airport expansion, private renters, young people concerned about youth service cuts, and communities wanting to build their own homes and generate their own green energy. We need to work with grassroots Londoners again in 2020, and gather in their new ideas to solve our city’s biggest problems.

I’ve stuck to the pledges I made in 2016

On the Assembly I have worked in an effective team with Caroline Russell AM to change the current Mayor’s policies:

  • on ballots for estate residents,
  • on funding for youth services,
  • to support a people’s vote on Brexit,
  • to drive out dodgy definitions of affordable housing,
  • to declare a climate emergency.

We’ve brought the voices of forgotten Londoners into City Hall, and pushed the Mayor hard when he’s failed on cycling, civil liberties, rent controls and housing delivery.

I know how to be a professional, inspiring candidate for the Greens

We can and we must do better this time, and the signs are good.

A recent Mayoral poll put me firmly in third place and with a higher vote than last time – before our campaign has even started.

We’re making our mark. And if you select me to stand for Mayor again, we already have a head start.

Vote for me as your candidate for Mayor in 2020 and I’ll work harder than ever to make sure we have our best Green campaign yet.