Vote for Sian Berry number 1 for the London Assembly

Please re-select me as your first choice for the London Assembly in 2020

I’m a Green councillor and a London Assembly Member and I’m asking for your first choice vote to stand for the Assembly again in the 2020 election.

Our Green policies and values have never been more relevant or needed, and Greens have been building up serious credibility ever since we were first elected to the Assembly in 2000.

Now is the time to expand our influence and win more Greens in City Hall. With the right team of candidates we can do better than ever before in this election.

As an Assembly Member I have stuck to my promises to Londoners since 2016

I have worked in an effective team with Caroline Russell AM to push the current Mayor to bring in many of the policies from our Green manifesto.

We’ve brought the voices of forgotten Londoners into City Hall, and pushed the Mayor hard when he’s failed on cycling delivery or gone slow on rent controls.

After Grenfell, the Housing Committee I chair listened to social housing residents and put forward principles for how to give them a real voice in running their homes.

On the Police Committee I’ve focused on civil liberties, standing up against discrimination in the use of tasers, facial recognition technology and stop and search.

£45 million won for youth services

My proudest moment came early last year, when we realised the Mayor was finally going to put money back into youth services to mitigate the huge cuts I’d exposed in my work. He had refused to help the year before when we put a budget amendment.

But now the new £45 million Young Londoners Fund is starting to be spent on supporting young people across the city.

Ballots won for estate residents facing demolition

Another thing that wouldn’t have happened without our work in City Hall is the new policy to give binding ballots to residents on estates facing demolition.

The Mayor was firmly against this but a big campaign, working with residents and grassroots groups, caused a major u-turn.

Bigger Green success in 2020

Our next manifesto – our workplan for the next Assembly – has to come from grassroots Londoners again in this election.

We’re making our mark. And we can do much more with more Greens in City Hall.

Please vote for me number 1 for the Assembly again this time