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Caroline Lucas Caroline Lucas MP:

“Sian Berry has all the qualities and experience to make a really effective London mayoral candidate for the Greens.

“Dynamic, articulate and engaging, she’s well known and widely admired, particularly for her outstanding work on environmental issues in the city. An experienced and effective local councillor and campaigner, she has a strong track record of promoting equality and social justice as well as sustainability.

“Sian has used her position to forge excellent links with a wide range of groups in the city, and is committed to running a grassroots, open and inclusive campaign to reach and engage as many Londoners as possible. I’m delighted to endorse her candidacy.”

Amelia WomackAmelia Womack, Green Party Deputy Leader:

“Sian’s leadership and exceptional communication skills not only inspired one of the most high profile Green campaigns in the 2008 Mayoral elections, but also inspired a generation to vote Green and become party activists. With passion, commitment and an outstanding knowledge of politics – Sian Berry gives the Green Party a real opportunity for us to amplify our message in what could be an extraordinary election for us.”

Darren Johnson, Green London Assembly Member:

“A determined and inspirational transport campaigner, an effective communicator for the Green Party and now a hard-working councillor in Camden, all the right ingredients are there for Sian to be a really effective London Assembly Member. I’m keen for her to be part of the new team representing the Greens at City Hall in 2016.”

Neal Lawson, Chair of Compass:

“A London of hope for all needs new ideas and a different way of doing politics. Sian’s campaign will help make the capital’s politics so much better.”

Sarah CopeSarah Cope, Chair, Green Party Women:

“Many of us remember what a brilliantly eloquent Mayoral candidate Sian made in 2008, when at that time she achieved the highest placing of Green Party Mayoral candidates, as well as increasing the party’s profile, both across London and nationally.

“Sian is first and foremost an inventive, inspiring campaigner, and has spearheaded campaigns on issues as diverse as 4x4s, the census and the boiler scrappage scheme. (Always glamorous issues, you’ll note).

“An articulate and accessible advocate of Green Party policies, Sian is well-equipped to speak passionately about the issues that impact most on Londoners, such as the housing crisis, air pollution, transport and so much more.”

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Clifford FlemingClifford Fleming, Co-chair, Young Greens:

“London need’s somebody who can speak up for the many voices often ignored – the young people who struggle to afford rent, many in the workforce who are exploited on minimum wage, and the families who are being pushed out of their homes.

“Sian is a fantastic activist who will bring people together and fight the regressive inequality in this city.

“We need Sian as our Mayoral candidate so we can build bridges with local communities and activist groups, to create a strong united front for a better London; a London where everybody has a home, a good wage and a clean environment. Please vote Sian Berry for London Mayor.”

Victor Anderson, Former Green London Assembly Member:

“Sian is an effective and inspiring campaigner – and we need that not only during the election campaign but also in City Hall afterwards.”

Rob TelfordRob Telford, Green group leader, Bristol City Council:

“Sian has been a persistent campaigner on transport and equalities issues in London. She connects with people both inside and outside the party and does a lot to work through cross-party initiatives, such as Compass, to bridge political divides and find common ground with others. I endorse her candidacy for Mayor of London.”

Jenny BatesJenny Bates, Friends of the Earth London Campaigner (personal capacity):

“Sian would make a great Mayor or London Assembly Member – she has good ideas, articulates them well, and brings people together to find solutions that work for London and Londoners.

“Her experience as a local Councillor of what matters to local people and how to make progress on key issues, plus her work campaigning for changes to the transport system which would benefit all road users, stand her in good stead.”

Elliot Folan, former Green County Council candidate and LGBT+ activist:

“London Greens should definitely nominate Siân for Mayor, she’s splendid”

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Adam Ramsay, journalist and Green activist:

“Sian is a superb communicator, managing to make radical ideas sound like the common sense they are in our absurd world. She brings the energy of London’s social movements together with the head for detail needed in her role as a councillor in Camden and professional transport campaigner. When she was Green Mayoral candidate in 2008, she ran exactly the kind of creative campaign that is needed now, and I very much hope she’s selected as candidate for 2016.”

Aaron BastaniAaron Bastani, co-founder of Novara Media and Tower Hamlets Green Party member:

“Sian would make an outstanding candidate for the Green Party in the race for London Mayor. A proven public champion and councillor, she has the attributes to lead a campaign that inspires not only party activists but Londoners of all colours and creeds. Those passionate about solving the city’s biggest problems: housing, low pay, and a police force which focuses more energy on BME communities than corruption in the City, would have an invaluable ally as mayor were Sian to win. I implore you to make her your choice this May.”

Matt HanleyMatt Hanley, Co-Chair, Manchester Green Party:

“I was lucky enough to be working in the press office in 2008 (on the National campaign) when Sian ran as Mayor last, and she really was just an amazing, energetic and electrifying candidate. For the first time ever, as her candidacy grew and grew, in an English election the Greens were mentioned as ‘one of the 4 main parties’.

“I believe that this 2008 Mayoral campaign was a key factor in building the Greens up towards the success we are seeing now. I could think of no other better Green candidate for the 2016 Mayoral election than Sian Berry. Please vote for her.”

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PaulCohen220Paul Cohen, former International Secretary, Young Greens; campaigner, Federation of Young European Greens:

“Having worked with activists from around Europe, it is inspiring to see a candidate who is committed to following the progressive, collective politics that have resisted austerity in cities from Barcelona to Athens. London needs a person who can communicate with and fight for the needs of its residents; Sian Berry is that person.”

Andrew CooperAndrew Cooper, Green Party Energy Spokesperson and Councillor since 1999 in Kirklees:

“Only an occasional visitor to London but see an impressive array of Green Candidates for the Mayoral Candidate top spot. A quality field that other parties can only dream of. What a contrast with the Labour Leadership Elections.

“The stand out Green Candidate for London Mayor has to be Sian Berry. She did a cracking job last time she stood and has both the track record & knowledge we need to be an outstanding Candidate and a credible potential Mayor.”

John Stewart, Heathrow campaigner:

“Sian Berry is an outstanding campaigner.  She can motivate and inspire grassroots activists as well as influence decision-makers.”

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